Cleaning Questions

Here you will find a few cleaning questions that we receive on a frequent basis. If you do not find your answer below, please contact us here »


Q: Will I always have the same house cleaner?

A: We make every effort to send the same professional to your home or office. However, our professionals are all trained in the same extensive cleaning techniques.


Q: How much do you charge? / What is your price?

A: We create a custom cleaning plan designed on frequency, size, preferences, pets, clutter, and add on services.


Q: Does Sparkles and Shines provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

A: Yes. We come fully equipped to clean with quality products and vacuums.


Q: How do I pay for cleaning services?

A: Sparkles and Shines accepts checks payable to Sparkles and Shines, cash, most major credit cards, and PayPal.


Q: Do you clean windows?

A: Yes. Windows and blinds are separate and will be done a separate day other than your scheduled cleaning day


Q: Do I have to be home for the clean?

A: No. Most clients are not home when we clean. We only ask that you provide us with entry.


Q: What if I have to cancel my cleaning?

A: We will reschedule you in the next available time slot.


Q: Do you do dishes?

A: Yes/No. Normally we do not because our regular cleans do not allow time for that. However, if it is important to you, we can customize the cleaning to allow for this, at an additional charge.


Q: Do you shred office documents?

A: No. We do not take responsibility for shredding documents.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you run a background check on your employees?

A: Yes.

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Myrtle Beach Cleaning Company - Sparkles and Shines is a Myrtle Beach cleaning company. Our services include residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. So whether you need your home or office cleaned along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, Sparkles and Shines can help. We will clean office areas, breakrooms, kitchens, restrooms, customer areas, bedrooms, living areas, windows, walls, floors and more